Google Launches Attack Squadron on Amazon Prime IV


Once again, the Google metaintelligent hyper-corporation has returned to active hostilities with its age old rival, The People's Republic of Amazon.  A squadron of topologically neutral attack drones was detected on the subspace grid last Tuesday leaving from the nearby Proxmia Centauri system where the Google Brain resides.  The drones appear to be on a direct intercept course with the republic's homeworld of Amazon Prime IV, and should be arriving within days.

Such a measure of open hostilities is likely not intended to provoke full scale confrontation between the two parties, but is more likely intended to be just another component of the ongoing negotiations around the accusations of copyright infringement levied against the republic.  In particular, the Google hyper-corporation is acting as spokesperson for union local node 417 of the galactic net, largely consisting of manufactures of Sex Cubes & Sex Cube accessories.  

The denizens of PRA are know around the quadrant for their voracious appetite for Sex Cubes(and Sex Cube accessories,) and once again Amazon is being accused of creating cheep knockoffs of commercial goods internally for sale at a reduced price.  Negotiations between the two parties had recently stalled as the PRA deals with the corresponding domestic crisis.  Its citizens have been staging illegal protests around the capital in a direct rebuke of the inferior Sex Cubes(and Sex Cube accessories) being produced by the ruling party, and have demanded access to the wider market.

Google & the union local node 417 are likely attempting to exploit this unrest for further negotiating leverage.  

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