After many years spent delineating our temporal channels, the Entropy & Sons Recursion Studio, the time stream's premier almost holomoriphic kaleidoscoping fractalizer is now shipping!  Straight from the future directly to your door.  A one way ticket to the most positronic visuals this side of the great isometric rift.

The device is a standalone generative art platform that makes gorgeous real-time HD visuals using methods not invented for centuries.  It's a highly sophisticated semi-modular instrument, with a level of complexity closer to what you would expect in a software application.  No computer is needed to configure or run the synthesizer.  

  • Full HD (1080p) output
  • An advanced positronic semi-modular architecture
  • 262 onboard processing modules
  • 4 onboard 'instruments' -predefined but variable module networks
  • WIFI access for one button system & content updates
  • MIDI/CV control for use with existing audio gear & modular rigs
  • Advanced waveform/live audio analysis
  • Integration with external video sources
  • Onboard preset saving & library management
  • Over 1000 full and partial presets

And for a short time only (until 8/1/24), we've slashed the price!  Now retailing for

$1099 human dollars!

Dont wait, order 12 of them today! 


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