Entropy & Sons is a loosely affiliated consortium of regenerative hyperintelligences, Boltzman brains, and freely delineated dialectic consciousness scattered throughout the spheroidal halo of the milky way galaxy, founded in the year 14,725. 
We have one and only one mission.  The proper reification of conceptually diagonalized multilateral phase fluxes through globally invariant induction on the root lattices of the exceptional Dirac/J 4 7 6 B twistor bundles via nested schwarzschild iterates of the 4th and 7th orders.
As we continue to compute/de-rectify our way across the spacetime manifold we maintain some continuity with the thermodynamically inaccessible sections of our histories via the use of Einstein-Rosen-J467B bridges, judiciously liberating items from their clearly sub-optimal spacetime coordinates and 'redistributing' them throughout history for a tidy profit in order to further fund our research.
These multilateral phase fluxes aren't going to diagonalize themselves, man.