In a move sure sure to surprise nobody, Neptune has yet again been stolen.  It's become something of a favored past time for students at the sectors local community college to abscond with the planet and to post selfies of themselves with the celestial object in compromising and provocative poses over the galactic net.  

Local authorities had hoped that the college students would have learned their lesson & left well enough be after the debacle of the most recent attempt, where a rescue crew had to be called in after a group of highly inebriated students had fallen down the planets gravity well.  But their hopes seem to have been dashed this morning when a local observatory reported the planet's absence.  Found in its place were numerous sticky ping pong balls and what appear to be empty cups of ramen noodles.  


  • Susan


  • susan

  • Susan

    You should ask my grandson about this he’s a studying to be a doctor

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