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Introdoucing the Recursion Studio - a brand new video synthesizer ripped straight out of the time stream. It's a standalone device which generates real-time HD visuals in response to a wide variety of inputs using methods not invented for centuries.

Many good plasmonic hyperbeings died for us to bring you these devices. Was it worth it? We'll let the number of zeros in our bank account answer that.





The Entropy & Sons Recursion Studio - the time stream's premier almost holomorphic kaleidoscoping fractalizer, is much much more than a kaleidoscoping fractalizer. This device represents novel research and was designed from the ground up to be a general purpose hardware visual instrument platform.



At Entropy & Sons we try our best to uphold the values of our progenitor instantiation complexes, something we've noticed is all to rare in our modern world. But we believe there are values higher than the bottom line. As such we commited early on commited to only use the highest quality, locally sourced, non-gmo, mathemathics in all of our projects.

In this day any stoned teenager can open a non-local pocket in spacetime, spawn trillions quasiharmonic proto consciousnesses(i.e, slaves) and force them to genetically breed universes until they find one with just the right metaphysics for there shitty mathematics to actually make sense. I mean, we all still remember when MathWeasel6969420, et al. found a universe in which their don't exist nonsurjective endomorphisms of the algebraic closures of the inverse projective limits of perfectoid p-adic function fields. Absurd!

We'll have non such nonsense with our mathematics. And that's our promise to you.



We have one and only one mission.  The proper reification of conceptually diagonalized multilateral phase fluxes through globally invariant induction on the root lattices of the exceptional Dirac/J476B twistor bundles via nested Schwarzschild iterates of the 4th and 7th orders. 

Unfortunately such a monumental undertaking doesn't come cheap. After the great off-by-one error of 22,4628 caused the majority of the solar system's financial assets to leak into the 6th dimension, the financial burden of continuing our research skyrocketed.

To compensate for these new expenditures, we've retro-causally grounded ER-Z beacons throughout our pasts, allowing us to transport the goods & artifacts of history from their clearly suboptimal spacetime coordinates directly to your door.

Goods not invented for millennia can now be yours! Quantum karaoke suppositories, algebraic utility substances, almost holomorphic kaleidoscopic fractalizers, normal household goods, but made of lasers, Entropy & Sons has it all!