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Get ready for something unseen yet in your time stream. We've got a new video synthesizer fresh from the ultra-world and we're the only ones with this technology.

This is of course the Entropy & Sons' Recursion Studio, the time streams's premier almost holomorphic kaleidoscoping fractalizer, a device that makes the most amazing mathematically-generated visuals your brain has ever perceived at HD resolutions and framerates, outputting 1080p of meta-conscious recursion straight into your brain holes.

Ever wanted to play with visuals but not an expert VJ? Just plug it in and watch it go. Or maybe you are a pro and want the biggest and most algebraic visuals on the block, synced and automated with standard music production equipment? We've got you covered there too.

In the future these devices have become so popular, they can be found in every home, car, schoolbot's backpack, and most gamma ray shelters. They've outsold hyperphones, televisions, simplex junctions, and Covid 24,783 vaccines combined. The surgeon general's mother recommends that you purchase eight of them.


The Entropy & Sons Recursion Studio is a standalone video art platform that creates professional quality HD visuals without the need of a computer.

In the future it is used to teach the fundamentals of 4th order quantum hyper-calculus to gifted and talented kinderbots, but we've repurposed it for your contemporary rave-based needs.

It interfaces with a wide array of standard A/V equipment, and has a sophisticated onboard interface. It operates at varying levels of complexity - anywhere from plugging your music into it and letting it go to diving deeply into the internals for endless customizatation and creation.

Internally, signals flow through a network of processing units, refered to as modules, which eventually terminates in the HDMI output of the synth. The end result being a stream of HD animation that can be interacted with and controled in a wide variety of ways.

The fundamental structure of the module networks can largely not be changed, however, modules of similar types can be swapped with others of the same type. Waveform generaters can be swapped with other waveform generators, RGB effects can be swapped with other effects, shape generators with shape generators, etc. There are over 250 modules available for use on the device, and more are regularly being added, each performing a unique function and having a unique set of controls and inputs.


The synth comes with 4 dynamic & highly configurable, predefined module networks which we call instruments. The networks can't be arbitrarily re-wired (with exceptions for the internal modulation system), but we assure you that you will not feel limited in any real way, as the space of availiable possibilities is still endless. With the real added benifit of how incredibly easy it is to create stunning and unique content within the frameworks we have provided.

The existing instruments are continuously being updated, and several additional instruments are in active development.

FRAXTAL This instrument is the main instrument and namesake of the Entropy & Sons' Recursion Studio. It is a digital simulation of video feedback which incorporates some of the mathematics from classical fractals such as the Mandlebrot and Julia sets as well as almost-holomorphic kaleidoscopic symmetry transformations. It’s pretty great and also very amazing.

The instrument's module network is comprised of 40 modules, 31 of which can be changed. There are around 100 total numerical parameters that can be controlled.

INTERFERENCE This instrument is a 2D plane wave interference simulator. Or a quasi-crystal simulator, depending on how you look at it. Multiple 2D wavefronts are propagated through space, and peaks and valleys constructively and destructively interfere with each other.

You can control the waveform generation process and its spatio-temporal dynamics. You can control how many waves there are, how they are arranged in space, and how the interference pattern is colorized, ammong many other things.

WAVIBOI This instrument is an (experimental) 2-channel 3D oscilloscope. Each of the two channels can render either 1D, 2D, or 3D curves.

The rendered curves can be generated by any combination of internal oscillators1 and external CV signals. Like all instruments on the synth, WAVIBOI integrates with the onboard lighting and colorization system and the device's advanced modulation system.

CATPARTY Are you the CAT, or are you the PARTY????

You decide.




  • System
    • An advanced semi-modular architecture with 250+ modules.
    • A full flegged patch/preset management and tagging system.
    • Three UI modes
      • PLAY: For experimentation and exploration.
      • PERFORM: For live performance.
      • CREATE: For patch creation and editing.
    • An sophisticated I/O mapping editor for connecting various input signals to actions.
    • Internal LFO's for animating and controlling various parameters.
    • A novel modulation system for adding spatial variance to parameters. Including those in the modulation system itself..
  • Interface
    • 5 configurable and remappable continuous infinite encoders
    • 5 configurable and remappable large drum-style button pads
    • 3 auxillary UI control knobs & buttons
    • A large LCD touch pannel for control of the onboard UI.
  • Power
    • USB-C PD Power Adapter (5V 20A) (Included)
  • Inputs
    • Audio
      • 1/8" stereo line-level audio rate input and output jacks for interfacing with waveform analysis & beat detection algorithms.
    • CV
      • 8 Eurorack-style CV Inputs (0 - 10V), protected agains voltage over and underflow.
    • Video via USB - Onboard USB A ports supporting:
    • Video file importing & NDI support - Coming Soon *!
    • OmniReflex™ Neural Control
      • Interface directly with any neural implants that supports the OmniReflex™ protocol.
    • MIDI
      • USB ports can directly host USB MIDI Controllers
      • 5-pin DIN ports can take input from any MIDI device, and also output
    • USB support for uploading your own images and graphics to the synth
  • Outputs
    • HDMI @ 1080p
    • DMX - Comming Soon!*
  • Networking - one button updates
    • Ethernet (RJ45)
    • USB WiFi (adapter included)
  • Contents
    • 266 onboard processing modules.
    • 4 onboard instruments.
    • Over 100 numerical parameters across the various modules.
    • Over 1000 hand made patches.
    • Dozens of event signals and responses.
    • A library of 128 onboard image textures.
* A few features like DMX output, NDI, and preset sharing are coming soon. Since our system actually vibrates at negative frequencies, we've incured debts which we need to pay off at quite unreasonable relativistic exchange rates..

** Entropy & Sons is liable for neither melting, oozing, nor general malfunction of nearby brains and/or faces caused by the use of this product. Also, your TV might just, like, explode. However we will be selling fashionable protective brainwear in all shapes and size, as well as replacement brains and/or faces. You should probably buy a few just to be safe. If you do have any difficulties or general maladies, please contact us at: