Just. Hyperbola. Powder

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We're sure you've noticed it too.  The emails. The hypertext messages. Your cousins friend from Europa that has a deal, just for you. It never stops. 

Every day it seems, some newfangled class of hyperbola comes on the market.  Dual hyperbolas. Non-trivial Chern class hyperbolas. Point free hyperbolas.  Oh and get this, non-hyperbolic hyperbolas. Fucking gross.

Where does at all stop?  At Entropy & Sons we know where.  And where that where is is not where right here isn't.  So, brought to you by Entropy & Sons:

That right.  Pure.  Uncut.  100% conic. And Fully asymptotic.  Just like God, Menaechmus, and you archeological algebra teacher intended.  

We start with only the finest of ingredients.  Our hyperbolas are computed deep in the Colombian acid-rainforests by the indigenous artificial intelligences still running on their ancestral hardware.  After being soaked in diesel fuel, our quantum atomizers slice, crush, and pulverize our hyperbolas into a dust so fine Cantor himself wouldn't even know what diagonalized him.  

And the final product is something not seen in a generation.  Cut out the Chern classes.  Cut out the isotropic de-allenization.  Cut out the linear sequestration. 

Just give us the hyperbola.  


* Disclaimer.  This product is not an actual product.  Any purchaser of this product waives all rights to receive anything at all in response to their poorly though out actions, their right to sue us for any and all liabilities including but not limited to facial explosion, de-coherent retinas, or spontaneous limb de-changement.  Although we will probably send you an email which may or may not be humorous.  But we also might send your grandmother a bucket of PCP, so you know, it's kinda your choice to make.